Restaurant Review: LET’S MEAT

LOCATION: Bellair Mall, Malibongwe Drive, Northriding, Johannesburg


I am usually very sceptical of restaurants having really unbelievable specials and I often wonder about the quality of food that is served as nothing is worse than bad food to a hungry stomach. But, I decided to try out this unbelievable special of a new restaurant that opened in my area recently.

I had seen a large advertisement hanging from the balcony of this restaurant, which can be viewed by passing motorists. Not only did the restaurant have a catchy name, ‘LET’S MEAT’, but what was being advertised was the opening special, steak for R69. That is an unbelievable price! Now I am one who loves steak, I am not generally a fan of meat so whenever I go out to a restaurant I usually try out the steak. Since I am the fussiest person on earth and since steak is not the easiest of meals to prepare, I determine, by the way the steak is prepared, if I will be going back to the restaurant or not.

LET’S MEAT is situated at the upper level of the mall and it is quite a big restaurant.  The inside seemed very classy with a water feature that added to its elegance. We went in to have an early supper, about 5:30pm on a Friday afternoon and the restaurant had only a few people. It had a very serene and peaceful feeling to it despite being in a very bustling mall. We were greeted by a gentleman and asked where we would like to be seated. The choice was downstairs, upstairs or on the balcony. We chose upstairs since we prefer a little privacy and it was too cold to sit on the balcony.

Our waiter introduced himself to us and presented the menus. The menu seemed to have the general meals offered at restaurants. I opted for the steak special and so did my friend. We were given the option to add a sauce of our choice and to opt for the general: Chips, baked potato or veggies.  I asked for the steak to be medium to well done with and baked potato as a side dish and my friend opted for a very well done or cremated steak with fries. (Lol). We generally skip the starter and opt for desert later on.

As we casually chatted along I noticed people streaming into the restaurant and not before long there wasn’t an empty table in sight. I was very surprised because I shop at this mall all the time, how had I missed this restaurant? I then wondered if people were just coming for the steak special as I did???  I was very hungry since I met my friend straight after work and I kept wondering how bad the food would be if it was just R69. We continued chatting whilst watching the restaurant become full and about half hour later our waiter arrived….with the food.

I expected a Spur style setup but the manner in which the food was presented really aroused my appetite. We were presented our meals on large platters instead of a plate and the sauce was served in a cute little enamel mug.  The chips came neatly tucked into a polystyrene container and the baked potato was coupled with a mini mug of sour-cream.

This truly looked too good to be true and then it was time for the testing. I attacked that steak with my knife but all it did was glide through, like a knife through butter.  I have to admit that the steak was done to perfection and very few restaurants get this right. Either the steak becomes too rubbery or it is crisp on the outside and pink on the inside or worse, sometimes it is burnt. The baked potato was also cooked well but I didn’t like the sour cream with it, I will opt for butter the next time, nothing like butter melting on a hot potato.

My friend was also chuffed with her meal and she seemed especially intrigued with the chips coming in a polystyrene bowl shaped thing.

We both slowly enjoyed our meals and then had desert. The waiter constantly checked on our needs and wants. Had my belly had any more space I would have ordered another round of steak. We ended up sitting there for almost 5hours and the only thing that was annoying was that the waiter forgot go give us sweets when we paid the bill. But since the food was so excellently prepared all is forgiven.

I remarked to the manager on our way out that I will definitely be visiting again and make strong recommendations for this restaurant. SO that is what I am doing, I strongly recommend a visit to this amazing restaurant that serves flawless, amazing food that is worth the rave. I promise that you will not be disappointed. Let me know what you think?


Rating: 8/10



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